Corporate Social Responsibility.

Tangram-Gives Day


As we celebrate 8 wonderful years of creativity and design, we also understand that there is a smaller part of society that needs our attention. Our very first donation will be to ARC Children's Centre.

To top if off, we have decided to mark every last Friday of the month as Tangram-Gives Day! On this day, we will play our small yet meaningful part in caring for the needy. Keep a lookout for more pictures of us in action ya!

Cans of Hopes


We are having this month's Tangram-Gives Day early! Delivering our very own version of "Cans of Hopes" to the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan in The Phillipines.

ARC Children's Centre


25th July 2013 marked the very first Tangram-Gives Day as our team made a visit to ARC Children's Centre located at Kim Keat Road.

Even as we stepped in with much apprehension, all fears were dissipated following a warm welcome by the lady-in-charge, Geraldine. The Centre serves as a day-care facility for children suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases, in addition to being a support group for their parents. The bright, spacious play hall coupled with bubbly laughs from the children revealed none of the pain they had to go through. As we were left to spent some moments with the children, it was definitely a heartwarming experience watching them enjoy the pandan cakes and having fun with the Tangram puzzles we brought.

Before we left, a pledged donation of $1,888 was also made to the Centre, in conjunction with our 8th anniversary celebration. Though the visit meant we had to take time off from our work, it was certainly time well-spent. Keep a lookout on our Facebook and blog for our August edition of Tangram-Gives Day!

Mooncakes of Love


The Mid Autumn Festival has long been associated with reunion of loved ones, with eating mooncakes being a hallmark tradition of the festival. During this time of caring and sharing, we took the opportunity to spread the love to some who might not be able to reunite with their family or loved ones.

On the morning of 19th September, we brought boxes of savoury moon-cakes and made our way down to Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home located at Thomson Lane. Upon arrival, we handed our gifts that were to serve as tea-break snack for the Home, to the person-in-charge Mr Then. Despite his busy schedule, he took time off and brought us on a quick tour around the premises.

The Home housed many elderly people, many of whom were abandoned by their families or simply could not afford the fees of a commercialised nursing home. We walked past their different blocks, each occupied by residents with different medical needs. Strolling through the Home, Mr Then introduced several long-time occupants who gladly welcomed us with beaming smiles that touched our hearts.

As we prepared to take our leave, a group of volunteers from a large banking group entered the compound, ready for a day of work to do their part for the less fortunate. We exchanged warm glances, knowing we were all here for the same reason, to bring a smile onto another living soul.